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We've been using Marketing Hub Professional for almost a year and are determining what to do with our corporate website. Our original website was built in Adobe Muse (no longer supported by Adobe and the least CMS-friendly platform), and self-hosted. We are looking into HubSpot CMS so we can re-build/re-design the website and keep it integrated with landing pages, forms, etc. https://sarkariresult.onl/

 I've looked into other platforms like Webflow, but it doesn't seem to integrate with Marketing Hub without using Zapier. Is HubSpot CMS the front-runner for this? Or are there other platforms worth considering that easily tie into Marketing Hub? Thanks in advance. mobdro https://pnrstatus.vip/

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Hi @JorkGomes,


That is somewhat dependent on what you mean in regards to "integrate" with the marketing platform. WordPress can handle basic integration really well as far as tracking goes. 


If you're looking to get more advanced with smart content, the HubSpot CMS is the way to go. We use it for our own site as well as clients and love it. I'd highly recommend.



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