Lisbon HUG |How to use AI and Automation with HubSpot to grow your Business| Dec 16 @ 10 AM (EST)

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Lisbon HUG | How to use AI and Automation with HubSpot to grow your Business

Thursday, December 16th | 3:00 PM (WET), 10:00 AM (EST)

Registration Open


As a part of the HubSpot User Group(s) (HUGs) program, the Lisbon HUG led by HubSpot partner YouLead is excited to host their next event!


Right before Christmas, prepare to learn more about two of the most interesting topics of the year - automation and artificial intelligence.


On this webinar, we'll learn:

  • How to set up a basic inbound funnel with a HubSpot workflow to automate customer engagement;
  • Examples of lead scoring methodology to automate various triggers for customer engagement;
  • How to use AI with customer behavior tracking in HubSpot to send the right message at the right time;
  • How to use AI to qualify leads through text message and email conversations right within HubSpot.




Nate Joens is the Co-Founder, Head of Innovation, and past CEO at Structurely. Under his 4 years as CEO, Structurely experienced 10x growth in conversations processed and built a proprietary conversational AI application that follows-up and qualifies leads for sales and marketing teams that 99.9% of consumers believed was human. Structurely also became a Housing Wire Real Estate Tech Top 100 company, grew to a team of 26 employees, and processed over 5 million conversations.


The HUG program helps customers connect and find a support group for topics that matter to them. It helps us solve for the community and in 2021 you will see that more than ever. Right now, it supports 150+ city-based user groups worldwide but we've ambitious plans to grow throughout 2021. This program serves to unite, educate and inspire customers with each other to help promote community-driven learning and development. 


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