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In additon to email marketing, I need to send old fashioned postal mail-outs to reach our target audience. These are typically personalized postcards with a CTA. I need to know which of the mailed contacts have acted on our CTA which is document they can download. There's a standardized URL on the cards and a HubSpot landing page that's been set up to whihc they will be re-rirected. Each postcard has a unique code which is tied to individual contacts. When the contact comes to the landing page, I want them to enter the code imprinted on thier card and an email address. I need HubSpot to validate that the code is correct. Once they enter a valid code, they will get a thank you page with the button to download the document. I will then know that they followed through and can put them into an automation funnel.


What is the best way to do this? Can I use coupon codes? I'd assign each contact their unique code in Excel, import them into HubSpot and re-export the list which I will use for the mail merge. How can I make sure that the code is validated upon visitor's input?

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You may wish to consider using the HubSpot-Postalytics integration to trigger direct mail sends from within HubSpot. Any other extended verification of HubSpot form entries will require custom development.


Just a thought.

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