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Launch a specific chatflow based on link click

After the link is clicked, is there a way to specify the Chatflow you want to launch for example, if we are looking to launch a bot focused on qualifying leads, and getting them to book a demo? 

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Community Manager

Launch a specific chatflow based on link click

Hi @petersherlock93,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community! 

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I wanted to share this knowledge base article on using targeting rules in chatflows.

It's not possible to target a specific contact based on a click, however, you could target your leads by page views or a CTA click. This visitor information & behavior section of the knowledge base article I shared above outlines the different options for chatflow targeting rules. 


I also wanted to invite our subject matter experts to this conversation

Hi @franksteiner79@christopher-RVO@jolle - Do you have any advice for @petersherlock93's use case?

Thank you! 




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