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Last touch attribution - Deal source

Curious if anyone has any form of best practice / recommendations on how to do this.   In essence, we know where the lead originally came from (origin, drilldown-1, drilldown-2 etc.) however there are many steps taken between the lead "creation" and the meetings booked.  


For example, a lead came in from PPC, but a phone call from an SDR rep is what caused the lead to book a meeting.   


How can we (in an automated way) go about tracking this and placing into a property?   I can do this manually of course by looking at the activity on the contact level and then adjusting the "deal source" deal property.



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Guide | Diamond Partner
Guide | Diamond Partner

Last touch attribution - Deal source

Hi @BLerner5 ,

If your rep is calling to the contact that nade him book a meet with you, you can track this with the help of 'log call' feature. Everytime a rep call to your cntact, ask him to log the te call for the particular contact. The rep can fill up the details there. 

Check this article here.

Hope this helps!

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