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Improvement of Hubspot's community page

This community page is a very good idea in itself but isn't optimized as it relies on each Husbpot user (individually) to go on community and read lots of posts.

Obviously lots of posts will be missed and the end-outcome is very little given the impact of one upvote on a post. 


How about enabling a master upvoter per company (client of Husbpot) whose upvote would be worth the number of users they have in their Hubspot account?

This would allow for:

- Increased visibility for each post that get upvoted

- Increase in the engagement of your clients (talking to you Hubspot team)

- Increased likelyhood to bring valuable and awaited change in the tool

- AND reduce the time spent overall by an organization to spot the good posts and upvote them!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Improvement of Hubspot's community page

Hi @Houdet 


Thank you for reaching out!


From your explaining, it looks like you're talking only about the Ideas Forum and not the overall Community. 


I can understand what you're looking for, at this time this is not something possible on community but I will pass on this feedback to the team. However I'd like to give you some tips on how to find ideas and upvote them. 


Here is the Ideas Forum homepage. You can browse trending ideas. Also, if you click on "Browse all ideas" you get to this page. In there, you could filter by categories to see what interests you. And on the search page you could also filter by date. 


Hope that helps.
Have a lovely day,

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