Importing Notes creating duplicate Company entries


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Need some help here. Our company is new to HubSpot and we wanted to upload or spreadsheets. We originally had everything on one spreadsheet (Notes, Contact information, Company informatin, etc.). I've taken the time to separate the sheet into three different files. A file for Company, a file for Contacts and a file for Notes.


My first upload is a multiple file upload with the Company and Contacts files. The Company file has only one unique entry of each Company and the Contacts file has multiple entries for the different Contacts for each Company. This upload works fine, as I use the Company Name as the unique identifier. There are no duplicate Company entries and the Contacts all associated with each Company seemlessly.


The Notes is where the issue is starting. When I upload the Notes file by itself, I use the Company name to associate the Note to the Company. When I upload the file, rather than just put the Note in the current Company, it creates a duplicate Company entry and puts the note in that new object.


Why is this happening? What am I doing wrong? How do I fix it? Please help me!

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Hi @ClaimPath,


Did you use the object-ID when importing the notes? If not, I would recommend doing so as this is how the companies will deduplicate. For more information I wanted to share this resource.


This product update also shares some information about this functionality.


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