Hubspot's contacts $$$ money making scheme

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See this too:

The above ticket was closed without a response so raising again.


  1. All CC'd respondents are added to Hubspot as contacts.
  2. This adds many unwanted contacts to Hubspot.
  3. Hubspot charges for the contacts you don't want.


Simple, easy money making scheme.


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Seemed like a rip off until we learned that ...


-1- Unengaged &/or undesired HubSpot contacts can be automatically added to a smart list and periodically deleted en mass before ever accruing charges for those additional contacts.


-2- We can monitor the total number of contacts (both engaged and unengaged) in near real time using a variety of tools -- e.g., Databox (free).

(see image)



Hope that helps.


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1. We shouldn't have to do this manually.

2. Interestng but we shouldn't have to buy additional aps to monitor.