Hubspot Starter- Separating Sales and Marketing Contacts from Service


We recently upgraded from the free version to Hubspot Starter- Which gives us access to Service Hub- 


We were initially running two seperate Hubspot accounts, one for sales and related activities and one for service. 


At the moment, we are runnning our service out of the starter account- 


The Problem: 

We currently have 700+ active clients, for which we need to keep track of service history/technician visits etc. 


The contacts property requirements etc here are totally different to what we require from our Sales/Marketing Properties. 


I.E we have hardware installation dates etc at forefront of our contacts used for service. 


For Sales/Marketing- It's the usuals- 


Is there a way we can retain our service properties layout and optimise our sales/marketing contact properties seperately? 


Additionally, we would use the ticket function for service- but our techinicians are in the field and it's not supported by the iOS app- is there any sign of this being developed? 

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Hi @JDalton1,


Customized contact record sidebars (with specific properties) are unfortunately only available in Enterprise, not in Starter: (I'm not aware of any workarounds for Starter subscriptions.)


Regarding the iOS app, there is already a corresponding request in the HubSpot Ideas section of the community. As of August 2020, the product team is working on a beta for bringing Tickets to Android. You can find more information under the above link.


Best regards!

Karsten Köhler
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