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Hubspot Salesforce Campaign Sync

Not sure if I am able to explain the problem correctly. But I can follow up with additional information. We have reports/dashboards in SF that are filtered primarily on the Campaign member-created date.

We recently synced a good number of leads from Hubspot to SF. What I noticed is that leads from the old campaign started showing in this quarter's report. Not sure how that happens.

My guess is those are only leads that synced through the Hubspot landing page in the past. That got synced through an option to sync inbound leads to the SF campaign on the landing page. The culprit may be the Salesforce campaign ID field in Hubspot which syncs with SF and does not clear its value even if we clear or delete the SF campaign.

I know there is a way to create a report based on the campaign start date filter in SF and this should solve the issue. But I want to understand what the larger issue is. Why does the campaign get updated each time and appears in the wrong report?  

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Hubspot Salesforce Campaign Sync

To clarify your question, do you really have a field in Salesforce called "Campaign Member Created Date"? The default I am aware of is "Member First Associated Date". From the sounds of it, I feel like you may have a custom field that is pulling in another date property and not when the campaign member was first added to the campaign. Then what is happening is that that "created date" may be in last quarter even though the when they are being added to the campaign and when you want to report on them is this current quarter.