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Booking gigs takes time and effort. You have to email messages back and forth, add attachments, make sure links are up-to-date. Since most of us do music as a side hustle, a full weekend morning can often be spent responding and  following up on gig requests, sending out publicity info, and reaching out to band members for availability. 
Since you’re now using HubSpot to keep track of your gig bookings, you can automate the sending of common messages and responses. Accomplish all of this by using the Templates feature to send important information right from your CRM, or your connected Gmail or Office 365 account.
If I could save time in a template . . . . 
Just think of how many times you’ve typed:
"Hi there! Thanks for checking out our website. I’m glad you enjoy our music. We are a five piece band that plays  . . . . . . ."
With HubSpot’s Template feature you can enter that message once as a template, and access it through a dropdown from either the compose window of your email provider or the CRM. Free users can enter up to five templates, which should easily cover the common messages that you send during the booking process. Templates need not be impersonal however; once you select a template for inclusion in a message, you can edit and personalize as you desire.  
Not sure what to add to Templates? Start with these: 
Greeting template - Similar to the "Thanks for checking out our  . . ." message mentioned above, this can be a brief message sent to a contact that is seeking general information about you or your group. You can include a short biographical mention, a bit about the music you play, and information on how to move forward with the booking process. Try not to make this a long extended message, you want to acknowledge their interest and prompt them to reply with more info about their gig. 
Regret template - This is the template you’ll use if you decide to turn down a booking for any reason. It doesn’t need to be long and involved, just straight to the point. If you wish to add context to a regret message (i.e.: the reason you can’t book the gig), you can edit and personalize the template in the compose window, once you’ve added it to your message . 
General info template - This template can be a longer message containing general information about you or your band. Similar to the One Pager document above, it can include biographical information, a downloadable publicity photo, and some reviews from previous shows or recordings. This template will contain more info than the Greeting Template, but be careful not to make it too long; even your biggest fans won’t want to plow through a long email.  
Confirmation template - This is the message you’ll send after confirming a gig. The template can have placeholders for items like Date, Time, and Venue, which you can fill in once you’ve added the template to your message. Be sure to add your standard cancellation procedure text to the bottom of the message. 
Linking away again in Margaritaville . . . . .
If you add links to your templated messages, be sure to wrap them in text instead of inserting the raw links (Command/Control K in most platforms, find out more here). HubSpot can track the wrapped link and let you know if it has been clicked by the recipient. 
The Final Countdown 
Use Templates to help cut down the amount of time it takes accomplish your many tasks when going through the booking lifecycle. You don’t have to use all of the examples here, but you should easily be able to look through your past emails to find the messages and attachments you commonly send. Do it now, and save yourself some valuable time later.
If you have good idea for a template, please add them in the comments below. 

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