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Booking gigs takes time and effort. You have to email messages back and forth, add attachments, make sure links are up-to-date. Since most of us do music as a side hustle, a full weekend morning can often be spent responding and  following up on gig requests, sending out publicity info, and reaching out to band members for availability. 
Since you’re now using HubSpot to keep track of your gig bookings, you can automate the sending of important documents such as set lists, performance contracts, stage plots, and press kits. Accomplish all of this by using the Documents feature to send important information right from your CRM, or your connected Gmail or Office 365 account. 
Gather ‘round the Documents 
You probably have stashed away in some corner of your computer, a file folder with the documents you regularly use. These can include set lists, Press kits, Pricing sheets even publicity photos. By uploading them to the Documents section of the HubSpot CRM, you can easily attach them through your email interface. Adding them to your message is as easy as clicking a dropdown. The cool part? With HubSpot’s click-tracking feature, not only will you know when an email was opened, you’ll known when (and how many times) a document is viewed (pro tip - If the client is looking at your press kit often, chances are they are ready to book).
Which documents should you add?  Try these to start:
Full Press Kit - This .pdf can include a short bio page, a couple of publicity shots, and some basic information about how to book and what to expect on performance day. Also include reviews from previous gigs/recording and print ready publicity posters. 
Contracts/MOUs - Most performers use a standard contract or Memorandum-of-Understanding to confirm the details of a gig. Add this to your documents for one click access
Stage Plots - A simple .pdf the shows your stage setup. Be sure to include extra information including power requirements, riser sizes and stage dimensions. 
One Pager - This can be a sized down version of the full press kit above. Include a photo, some general information about your music and a few references, all on one page. Need some inspiration? Check this out.  
Song Lists - If you play covers, this is indispensable. Be sure to include original artists along with song titles. 
The Final Countdown 
Use  Documents to help cut down the amount of time it takes accomplish your many task when going through the booking lifecycle. You don’t have to use all of the examples here, but you should easily be able to look through your past emails to find the messages and attachments you commonly send. Do it now, and save yourself some valuable time later.
If you have good idea for a document, please add them in the comments below. 

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HubSpot Product Team

Thanks Ed! I wanted to share this post from the HubSpot Marketing blog:


It includes templates for Press Releases, calendars and ebooks. In case any of these are useful for gigging and promotion efforts.


It also includes links to some Canva tempaltes - graphic design made simple!