HubSpot can contribute to creating a Culture of Discipline

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HubSpot can contribute to creating a Culture of Discipline




Key Concepts: Method, Discipline, Problem-solving


  • A Culture of Discipline





Sun Tzu once said in the Art of War that one of the 5 principles of a successful leader is Discipline. Discipline is the ability to work with method and focus to achieve success. The HubSpot tools will ultimately help your team to develop better work habits, by changing people's work routines and by allowing users to be more organized with information.


If you have used HubSpot in the past, you surely know that an organized database can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful engagements. It is important to define best practices to Create records and Import records in your organization, to guarantee that the information used in HubSpot is relevant and structured.

  • A culture that encourages Problem-Solving for the customer




Author Mark Manson mentions in one of his works that as humans we are always motivated by the desire to solve problems because it gives us purpose and meaning. HubSpot is a tool that helps organizations to solve problems on a daily basis, such as Contact Engagement, Sending Automated Emails in Workflows and Creating Tickets to organize customer inquiries. HubSpot will help your team to develop problem-solving skills and to acquire a mentality to solve for the customer (SFTC). When HubSpot is used methodically to identify issues and solve problems, both internally and externally, this will allow you to constantly Delight your customers and to create value for all the stakeholders in your organization.





HubSpot Workflows will allow you to automate your processes and to work with method 


Key HubSpot Tools and Tips to consider


  1. Workflows: Use Workflows to follow up systematically with your leads via marketing emails, create Tasks for your team, and design internal mails that will lead to team actions that will maximize conversion rates.
  2. Meetings: The Meetings tool will help your team to organize customer engagements. Meetings should always have a purpose, so you should use the Meetings tool to prepare your customer encounters in advance and organize your time. Customer engagements should be structured and well-organized to make meetings productive for attendees.
  3. Imports and Contact Creation: Data management is a great responsibility, and it requires HubSpot users to be responsible and methodical with the information being uploaded. It is recommended to define standards and well-defined processes to create and update records. Your organization should establish procedures to set up Import files and assign data management responsibilities to the right users in order to create consistency and build internal trust.
  4. Manage bounced and unengaged contacts: Your organization should implement processes to periodically revise and manage hard bounces and unengaged contacts, (you always want to maintain communication with relevant contacts!). Consistently Cleaning up these contacts will also help your company to keep information organized (for more tips to clean up your database you can review this great post in our community!).
  5. Tickets + Feedback Surveys + Conversations: Your organization should systematically organize and review customer inquiries and collect feedback surveys, to centralize information and improve your customer service. Conversations with customers should also be reviewed consistently and methodically, and they should be assigned to the right users to answer quickly and accurately. This will allow your organization to identify improvement opportunities and to engage in meaningful conversations with your customers. 


What principles do you use to organize and maintain your data clean on HubSpot? Do you have any methods that help you to organize information and tasks on HubSpot?


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