HubSpot Sales Templates vs. Mail Merge

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Here at HubSpot, we have a lot of ideas about sales emails:

  1. Each email needs a purpose
  2. Each email needs to be written for a particular kind of person
  3. Subject lines should be short and relevant
  4. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize


Mail-merge is a tool used by many salespeople in order to quickly add names, addresses, and other information into a prefabricated email as an efficient way to send the same email to many contacts at one time without manual entry. Some of our customers use this tool, and want to know if it is compatible with out HubSpot Sales products. As you probably know, HubSpot is all about Inbound Marketing, so sending the same email to a bunch of individual contacts is not exactly what we consider “HubSpot-y”. However, we do want to help you make your sales process as easy, efficient, and effective as possible, so we’ve created templates!


Templates are similar to a mail merge; They allow you to create an email that can apply to many different contacts, however these emails still feel personal. With templates, you can add personalization tokens such as first name, job title, company name, and more in combination with static text and some fill in the blank areas to truly personalize your emails and improve your open rate. By leaving spaces to fill in personalized details, your contacts won’t feel like just a name on your list. You can also use other HubSpot tools such as contact profiles in Gmail or in Outlook to figure out how you can add personal details to these messages.


So, while we are not compatible with mail merge applications, we do provide you the tools you need to reach out to your contacts in a more efficient and personalized way. Although our templates must be sent individually, the additional effort will be rewarded when your contact engage with you on a more meaningful level.

For more information about setting up email templates, you can head to our knowledgebase or you can check out our sales software certification to become a real pro!


Happy HubSpotting!


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Good to know Smiley LOL ..thanks @nicolebrenner


I've been using Streak for mail merge, and would LOVE to have this feature on Hubspot.


The argument for avoiding mail merge b/c personalized emails are better sounds good; but, if Hubspot is really, and I mean REALLY, opposed to non-personalized emails, then it should get rid of the Sequences and Templates features. However, we love these features because they automate otherwise manual processes.


With mail merge, we're automating to a greater extent on the automation continuum. This is why many people like to use that feature. Please, Hubspot, pretty please, add this feature so we only have to use one CRM....yours ❤️  ❤️  ❤️ 🙂

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1. It's possible to personalise with mail merge.

2. Why must template emails be sent individually?

3. This is all about keeping sales and marketing separate so you can charge for both isn't it? 😉



I totally get the concept of in-bound marketing and am rapidly becoming a big fan of the logic of Hubspot having moved away from another high profile CRM system after nearly 20 yrs.


The problem that I have is that having received an inbound enquiry, I need to mail out a brochure or documents and therefore neeed to print off an accompanying covering letter and record the history or alternatively I need to send a speculative letter before I can gain an e-mail address and permission.


It's this functionality thats missing from Hubspot as a total answer to my CRM needs ; I still think it's brilliant but pls, pls ,pls can I print and record a letter as per my old software.