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How to track future, potential sales

Our sales team is looking for a way to track future potential sales.

When a client mentions their future plans but aren't yet ready to begin discussions. We need:


  1. A way to see the opportunities that may be coming up as a team
  2. Reminders to contact those clients at the right time


For no. 2, we can use tasks. For no. 1, I'm not sure what the best solution would be. 


The team would like to add these opportunities in our Deals board, but IMO creating deals would impact metrics such as avg. days to close, sales velocity etc...


Do anyone have any recommendations?


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How to track future, potential sales

I think the simplest answer might be to use the new "Leads" object. 

I'm not an expert but here's the knowledgebase article: 

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How to track future, potential sales

Hi @SRenaud ,


It depends what kind of information you need to record for these potential opportunities/deals. Do you have a set list of products/services that you sell? If you do, the simplest thing to do would be to create a multiple-select contact property called 'Interested In' - when a contact expresses an interest in a product/service you mark this property as such. If you want to add further detail you can just add a note to the contact, and create a follow-up task from the note.


Hope this helps,



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