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How to manage my cadences

Hi all,


Context: being SDR for a platform


I put some structur in my proces from outreaching to discovery call by following cadences. They're multichannel: Linkedin, mail, call 

I do this on account level. I put after every cadence a new task in HS for the next cadence. Also there is no overview in a dashboard where you are with which account.


Is their a possibility to make this proces automated? 
And if this is not possibly: is somewhere in the world a tool that offer a sales engagement tool integrated with Hubspot?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

How to manage my cadences

Hi @Jenno,


Depending on your subscription level, you may have access to the sequences tool. It is a tool that automates some sales processes. For more information I wanted to share this resource.


Another tool (that is free) which may be useful to you is the tasks tool.


If this does not solve your end goal, can you please share more about what you are looking for HubSpot to automate, as well as what subscription level you have.


Thank you,