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I use Webinarjam and Hubspot for sign ups and webinar execution and am connecting the two via zapier. I want to update a contact property in Hubspot to reflect who attended a webinar and who missed it. For this, I imported a .csv with the live attendees from Webinarjam and the contact property has been correctly updated for properties formatted as "radio select", where option was “Yes" for attendance and "No" for no attendance. I also wanted to import the time stamps (so time spent in live or replay room) but this information could not be imported, I guess because of the wrong format. Can you let me know what format I can import into? Ideally it would not be text but date or time, so you can later on also interpret or filter according to the results? See the screenshot below for the timestamp format I want to import.

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Thanks @karstenkoehler this helps.

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Hi @danielajk,


Unfortunately there aren't any file formats for durations or time (aside from the Date picker format). The closest to a duration would be the Number format. You'd have to convert the minutes into decimals first. Then you could import the number into a newly created custom Number property.


Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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