How to create a clickwrap method agreement?


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First time here, hopefully posting in the right place. 


The participants in our platform are given some induction and training on how to use our facilities. After the training is done we would ask them to sign a physical peace of paper that shows that they understand the induction and the risks of using the facility. 


I was thinking it should be possible to simply have a clickwrap method (with an embeded PDF)  that I can send in an email where they click through and once they do, a property is updated in their contact profile so all staff knows that they have been trained and accept the T&C. 


Extra points if after some time we update the PDF all those who accepted it get an email stating that they understand the changes. 


Maybe clickwrap is not the best way of doing this if so, I would like to hear any options. 

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@AndresEOED you could use PandaDoc, and then have a Zap ( or use a custom API script when a document is completed to update the field in HubSpot.

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Thanks! wow the Pandadoc seems like an awesome thing but a bit of an overkill for our charity as this is not the main thing we deliver. 

For example:

We do have mailchimp integration for the full charity but the small section of our clients that would interest makes mailing via hubspot viable. 


The Costume API thing is an option. What key words do you recommend I should look for in the docs?


I was thinking of some sort of variation like "I understand terms and conditions" and then you are added to a mailing list. But instead of adding to mailing list a property will be updated in that user profile.