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How to copy company Name to contact Company Name

Do you ever wonder about the contact property called Company Name? Why does it not automatically have the contact's associated company name set as the value? It's because the contact property called Company Name is just your basic, average, default contact property. Similar to Fax Number or City. Do you ever wish the contact's associated company's name was automatically set as the contact's Company Name value? It's your lucky day! Read on to see how:


1.) Create a company-based workflow

2.) Enrollment trigger: Filter > Company > Name > Is known
3.) Add action > Copy property value > From > Company > Name > To > Contact > Company Name

4.) Review your workflow. If you want to enroll existing objects now, select Yes to enroll existing. Or, if you only want to handle those moving forward, select No. Proceed to activate the workflow.

Done and done!

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Thought Leader | Platinum Partner
Thought Leader | Platinum Partner

How to copy company Name to contact Company Name

Hi @llegault 

this is great for Pro/Enterp. users

but for free or starter users

it's still a challenge.

With a lot of our clients we use integrations like integromat or zappier o piesync

to do this.

Basically this shoul'd be a standard thing withing Hubspot, not something to be fixed.

Definitely here's a improvement to be made.

Hope you can propose this internally =D

María Lucila Abal | COO Andimol | Accredited Partner
HubSpot Expert, Community Hall of Fame & Certified Trainer (12+ years)

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

How to copy company Name to contact Company Name

Hi @Lucila-Andimol  ,

Thanks for your comment! I have a solution for a Starter portal that does not have Workflows. While Workflows is automated, the solution I have will be manual, because the portal may not have Workflows. It could be an effort performed perhaps once per month or bi-weekly; whatever you would like since it is manual. The idea is to create a list of companies > export > create a list of contacts > export > modify the files, then import the contacts to set the Company Name value. Below are the suggested steps:

  1. Create a list of companies. Filter should be: company property > Name > is known.
  2. Export that list (top right > actions > export) - In Excel, modify the file so that you are left with just the Name column with each row containing a Name value. Delete all other columns in the spreadsheet.
  3. Next, create a list of contacts in HubSpot. A suggestion for the filter is: contact property > create date > [select a date that is after the last date you performed this whole effort. If you are doing it monthly or bi-weekly, then select the next date after that last time frame.
  4. Export the list  (top right > actions > export)
  5. In Excel, modify the file so that you are left with just the Contact ID column. This column will identify the existing contacts when you re-import them back into HubSpot.
  6. In one of those modified  spreadsheets, make it so that you have the Contact ID column + the company Name column. So copy one of those columns into the other spreadsheet, doesn't matter which. The idea is that you have one spreadsheet with the Contact ID column + company Name column.
  7. Modify the company Name column header to say "Company Name".
  8. Now the spreadsheet you are going to import into HubSpot as a contacts import, will have two columns: Contact ID + Company Name. Remember, the Company Name column contains the values from the company export you did using the company Name column of exported values.
  9. Proceed to perform a contacts import. After, those existing contacts should have their Company Name property value as the same as their associated Company's Name value.
  10. Repeat this process manually as desired, such as bi-weekly or monthly, or as often as you would like.

Hope that helps!