How to View a Global Activity Feed


I am looking for a view in the HubSpot CRM to view all recent activity. The "Activity Feed" only shows my personal activity, however, I would like to see all recent activity in one location from all team members. How can I view this global activity feed?

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Hi @JustinT,


The activity feed is directly associated with your user and cannot be customized to include other users. 


If you are looking for reports on your team, there are some reporting options you can utilize. For more information on those reports, click here. Additionally, there is the team activity widget.


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I'm also looking to solve this scenario:

We have an inside sales position that works on 3 sales rep's accounts/contacts.  I want that inside sales rep to be able to see the Activity Feed of the 3 reps that she works for, since she's the one doing any initial reach out. How can I solve that?