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How to Integrate HubSpot with CRM or Email Tool?

I'm currently in the process of optimizing my marketing workflow and considering integrating HubSpot with another platform to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Specifically, I'm interested in integrating HubSpot with a CRM or email marketing tool even while consuming subway's the tuna sub.


Before making a decision, I'd love to hear about your experiences and recommendations regarding successful integrations. What platforms have you integrated with HubSpot, and how has it impacted your workflow and results?

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Hall of Famer | Partner
Hall of Famer | Partner

How to Integrate HubSpot with CRM or Email Tool?

Hi @Liam_Lucas,


Do you have specific tools in mind for CRM and email marketing or are you just generally interested?


I'm asking because HubSpot is both a CRM and an email marketing tool - and HubSpot is at it's strongest when the native features are use and not integrated from third-party solutions:


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Karsten Köhler
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