How to Input your account plan into HubSpot

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We speak with many fellow HubSpot customers who sell to large B2B customers and from time to time I ask the question "How do you input your account plans into HubSpot?"


I am interested in the answer, as we helped to create the free HubSpot Account Planning Template. The problem with the template is that it sits outside of the HubSpot account, as a a stand alone document. 


The two main methods of input we hear back are the following:

  • Utilisting snippets (applicable to all users)
  • Using the team view (only available on the Sales Hub Enterprise plan). 


So we created a video which shows you the two methods and will hopefully help you 🙂


Youtube Thumbnail - Account template.png


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Dan Currin 


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Hi @Dan1, thanks for sharing!


Hi @shane99 @rjohnsonM3 @APCJon @mcarfagno, I wanted to bring this to your attention. It might be interesting for you.


Take care!


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