How do your customer support conversation <> ticket setups look like?


Hiya passionate Hubspot peeps! 


I'm building out some of our support systems and processes in Hubspot from scratch so I wanted to check in with the community if there are best practices to operating in Service Hub?


I'm aware of:
- Setting dates to every stage in a pipeline so we can track the time each ticket stays in each stage for analytics

- Creating tickets for every conversation (chat/email) for better data <- can someone tell me if this is a common thing that's done?


But I'm all ears if there are other best practises we can share here as I want to learn! Thanks in advance 🙂

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Hi @BryceChee ,
Apart from managing your ticket system through HubSpot, you can create  a Knowledge base for your website visitors and also an interbal KB for your team as well. We have craeted the same for our website: Help Center ( You will find articles in different categories to help out our visiotors. Its is like settinh up FAQ.

You can also leverage teh feedback Survey tool under service hub: Create and conduct customer satisfaction surveys (

Apart from email and chat, you can create autonatic tickets throgh form submission also: Create forms (

Hope this helps!

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