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How can I improve my email open rates?

Are you looking for ways—how you can improve the email open rates? 

Here's  something valuable I would like to share:


There are two main factors, in general, that influence the decisions of your subscribers. 



  • Subject Line 
  • Relations with Customers


Optimising the subject line is a must, and there are lots of techniques and strategies that can help you craft a strong and effective subject line. Such as keeping it simple, concise, and personalised; using emotional and psychological triggers to influence the decisions of readers; incorporating emojis; and many more. 


But what I feel is that implementing this kind of strategy may help you craft the most compelling hook, but a strong hook is not the only one key responsible for open rates. It may be effective in capturing the eyeballs of new readers, but for those who have already been with your brand for a long time, we need to focus on building healthy and strong relations. 


No matter how compelling your subject line appears, if you want your audience to open your email, Then the actual area on which you should focus your energy is earning trust and winning a place in the heart. 


And, for winning their trust, the first few email campaigns and flows are very helpful, like:


  • Welcome Flows
  • Thank you, Flows.


As they're the ones who get more engagement and response from the audience, you can better leverage this opportunity to prove your credibility and earn their trust rather than focusing on sales and conversion. 


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Community Manager
Community Manager

How can I improve my email open rates?

Hey @Rana_Vikral, thank you for sharing these valuable insights on improving email open rates! 


Your emphasis on optimizing subject lines and building strong customer relationships is spot-on. Implementing these strategies will definitely help in creating more engaging and effective email campaigns. Your tips on personalizing content and focusing on early engagement are particularly helpful. Thanks again for your thoughtful contribution!




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