How can HubSpot have a positive impact on your company's culture

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How can HubSpot have a positive impact on your company's culture


Andres Del Castillo

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| May. 25. 2020


Our goal at HubSpot is to empower companies to Grow Better by creating intuitive tools that will have a positive impact on your organization's performance. But the Sales, Marketing, Service and CMS Hubs are much more than a software solution for your business, they are also tools that will change your company's culture and contribute to creating a better work environment.


There are many ways in which HubSpot can drive change in your business processes, but we usually don't consider the impact that a software solution can have on redefining the “norms and values” of an organization, as defined by Michael L. Tushman and Charles A. O'Reilly III in “Winning through Innovation”. If HubSpot is at the heart of your processes it can change team dynamics, strengthen individual and team values, and help your customers grow. This is the beginning of a series of posts where we will take a different look at HubSpot and consider the positive impact that it can have on your company's culture.


Create a Culture of Collaboration


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Key Concepts: Teamwork, Collaboration, Commitment


1. Facilitate Team Collaboration


Team Alignment.png


HubSpot should guide leadership and individuals in their daily decision-making processes, but it should also contribute to the creation of shared responsibility in your organization. HubSpot will encourage individuals to value teamwork and communication, and it will also help users to understand that individual actions have an impact on overall performance. If everyone collaborates to create shared information on HubSpot, they will feel part of something bigger than themselves and this will create a sense of belonging.

Reports tools should contribute to unify your team efforts, because everyone will be aware of what needs to be done to achieve collective goals and this will in turn create cohesion and promote mutual understanding.

reports image hubspot.png



HubSpot should facilitate open communication by centralizing information. When information is readily available and standardized, people will work to find solutions to problems and they will discover new ways to collaborate. It is very important to define internal processes to adequately manage information and to develop communication channels to facilitate collaboration on a platform like HubSpot. Coordinated Tasks between teams and individuals can also reduce friction between users and give your organization the power to solve quickly for your customers.


2. Create internal commitment and build trust




HubSpot will allow collaborators to commit to your organization's results. Individuals will become part of a unified ecosystem and they can develop trust in your services and processes because decisions will be supported by data and information. Every user plays an important role in the HubSpot ecosystem and individuals must develop a sense of shared responsibility, because every action on the HubSpot platform affects the performance of others. You should encourage HubSpot users to be methodical, thorough and detail-oriented when they manage information in order to build internal trust and generate accountability.



Key HubSpot Tools and important Tips to consider


  1. Tasks: Tasks will create individual and shared responsibility that will impact team performance. You should assign tasks that will contribute to align individual and team responsibilities in order to create unity and cohesion. Every HubSpot user must know that their individual actions have an impact on others, and that constant communication and creation of trust will lead to a better team performance.
  2. Contacts, Companies, Deals and Lists: There must be shared responsibility to keep Contacts/Companies/Deals information organized. It is very important that everyone understands that accuracy in Records and Lists will affect the performance of others, and this is relevant to everyone who has the responsibility of creating/updating information on HubSpot. There should be standardized processes to organize and update information on HubSpot, so it is recommended that you define internal best practices to avoid friction between users and encourage collaboration.
  3. Reports: Reports will contribute to unify team efforts because everyone will share the same information and teammates will be able to visualize team performance. The Reports tool should encourage individuals to have open discussions about aspects of processes that are working and/or need to be revised.

What do you think is the best way to facilitate communication between individuals/teams who use HubSpot? What best practices can facilitate collaboration on a platform like HubSpot? 

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