How You Can Take Personalization to the Next Level with Smart Content

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Personalization is a fundamental tenant of a solid digital marketing stratgey, yet time and again we see companies struggle to scale these efforts. Enter smart content. This feature helps you take personalization to the next level. Our brilliant customer trainer, David Chaves, wrote a piece on five considerations you should make before creating smart content. Give it a read! How are you using smart content?

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One of my favorite ways is contextual monthly newsletters!

However, I like using personalization and reverse engineering a "sales lead sheet" via an internal marketing email. 🔥

Also, now that everything can be smart in HubSpot, I think Smart Forms has a ton of potential.


Pro Tip: Big thing for most HubSpot users to think about when using SMART content/personalization is to realize defaults for pages and emails are two separate areas and both need to be completed. 🤔

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