Handing Leads to Sales Process & Best Practices


Looking for the steps marketers are taking when they have a MQL who is ready to be engaged in sales.

  • How are you notifying sales? Tasks and internal emails?
  • Are you setting SLAs for sales response and follow-up?
  • Do you have standard sequences for sales people to use?
  • If contacts aren't responding to a sequence, how are sales communicating with marketing that the lead needs more nurturing?


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Hello @ITMarketer,


1: For sales, you are able to create a Workflow to create a task based on the MQL engagement. 

2: It depends on every company and how many people are on the team, but you can set up a sequence that will create emails to contacts and tasks for the users associated. ( More information here ) ,

3: As a standard, once you create a sequence HubSpot will show a default sequence that you are able to customize to fit into your company.


Sequences templatesSequences templates

4: If the contacts are not responding to a sequence, since you can only create tasks for yourself in the sequence and it's based on a Sales feature. 


I will be tagging some of our top contributors into this conversation, @daviddoughty,

@trevorjones71@KadyJWhite, would you like to share your thoughts into @ITMarketer  questions?

Thank you!



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