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HOW TO: Create your own custom notification emails

Looking to create custom notification emails for your users whenever a contact is created in your portal, not just when they’ve submitted a form? This is possible by using contact personalization tokens in an email that you’ll send out through a workflow. 


1.Create an automated email.

2.Set up your email body to include personalization tokens that’ll pull the relevant information from the corresponding contact, company or deal properties.



personalization tokens.png


3.In the above screenshot, I’ve created an email that will give me basic information about the contact and their associated company. Most importantly, I’ve added a personalization token called Internal Contact Record. This will automatically display the contact record’s URL, so that you can click right into it from the email without having to navigate back to your HubSpot portal. This token can only be added to automated marketing emails, and not regular ones.


4. Now that you have your email ready and saved for automation, set up the workflow that will send it out to your users. You’ll use workflow enrollment triggers to filter for contacts that you want to send this notification email out for.


workflow 8.08.48 AM.png


5. In the above screenshot, I’ve set up a workflow that will send my user John Smith the notification email if a contact is created through a Facebook ad campaign. The screenshot below is an example of how the email will look like in John’s inbox. Notice that the contact record’s URL has been pulled into the email, so John will be able to click right into it. 



contact example.png


And that’s it! Good luck 🙂 

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HOW TO: Create your own custom notification emails

Thank you @jenniferlim for sharing this!