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[Guide] No Need to Shout: Stop Selling and Start Evangelising


Your guide to CRM-powered evangelism: Stop Selling and Start Evangelising



Cut through the noise



Convert crowds to congregations.


Your tech business does something special. Something that could change the game for your prospects. Solve problems at so many organisations. But the message isn’t getting through. How do you make yourself heard above all the technology marketing noise?


This guide explores how CRM-powered evangelism can transform each phase of your marketing activity and create a single source of truth for all customer-facing teams. You'll discover:


  • How to nudge and nurture the right prospects at the right pace in the right channel
  • The role of a scalable CRM in the shift from spray-and-pray to spread-the-word
  • How separate systems are sapping your team’s time, energy and passion
  • The power of a single customer truth across marketing, sales and customer service

Noise in marketing is an overwhelming number of irrelevant messages. Cut through it today.



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Thought Leader | Partner
Thought Leader | Partner

[Guide] No Need to Shout: Stop Selling and Start Evangelising

Thank you @DJayagoda, this is a really wonderful resource!

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