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 Hi there! I’m Abigael, and I’m the content editor on HubSpot Academy. HubSpot Academy’s purpose is to educate and inspire people so that we, together, transform the way the world does business. While there are plenty of HubSpot Academy educational resources to help you succeed — certification courses, tracks, and lessons — there’s also the HubSpot Academy User Blog.
The blog is an extension of the education and inspiration we at HubSpot Academy provide as a team to HubSpot users. It drives success, value, and education for HubSpot customers and users like you. The purpose of the blog is to inspire users and provide valuable education and resources to help you in your use of HubSpot and your practice of inbound marketing, sales, and service.  
In short, the User Blog is a resource where you can learn how to use HubSpot and inbound to grow better.

How does the blog provide success, value, and education?
The User Blog is an enablement resource for HubSpot users, with posts ranging from product-related updates, software how-to’s, success stories, and everything in between. It gives a voice to people from all over HubSpot, not just those with “writer” in their job titles. We love having experts from around the company blog about their work. The person most familiar with the subject is in the best position to convey it.
So what exactly do blog posts of that nature look like? Check out the blog post categories we publish below:
Customer Story: A customer story that dives into a specific challenge or goal and how that customer was successful.
All About Inbound: A post that discusses inbound marketing topics/strategy and how to apply them using HubSpot or HubSpot Academy products.
How to Use X Tool for Y: A post that discusses a particular tool or feature and how to use it to achieve certain goals or succeed in a particular use-case.
HubSpot Hacks: A unique way to do something in HubSpot or a tip or trick to pass along to users.
HubSpot Product Posts: A post that details out a new feature or functionality in the HubSpot product or different ways to use different features within the software.
HubSpot Support Series: Posts written by HubSpot Support to help reduce call volume from frequently asked questions.
How can I get involved?
There are two ways to get involved with the User Blog. First, read it! Subscribe via the User Blog homepage or from the subscription page. You’ll stay up to date on software usage, inbound best practices, and product inspiration. You’ll also learn from others, discovering how they’ve found success with HubSpot and learning how you too can be successful with the software.
And there are also opportunities for users like you to write for the blog:
1. Customer Story: Are you a HubSpot user who has found success with the HubSpot software or an Academy certification course, track, or lesson? Tell us about it! Send an email to with some information about how you’ve found success with the HubSpot software or HubSpot Academy.
2. Agency and Connect Partners: If you’re a Connect or an Agency partner, you could be eligible to redeem a benefit to write a post for the User Blog. Check out this benefits page for Connect partners, and submit the form at the bottom to inquire about writing for the User Blog. If you’re an Agency partner, you can find more information on writing for the blog here, along with a submission form at the bottom to inquire about writing for the blog.
Questions? Let me know! And Happy User Blogging Smiley Happy

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