Granular reporting for sales sequences

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I am looking to create contact reports and lists based off of the known sequences that contacts may have been a part of recently, or in the past. 


The reporting features are currently aggregated and the only area you can access granular data on contacts/companies that may have been a part of a sequence is under the automation - > sequences section.


This is helpful, but you can't sort by companies or contacts and you have cycle through pages in order to review the data.


The only field that you can use to track contacts in a sequence is the "in sequence" field. This only gives you the current status of a user, not the sequences they may have been a part of, or when last they were enrolled into a sequence.



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Hey @LJP 


Thank you for reaching out and for the information provided. 


I'll tag a few experts that can share their expertise with you. 


Hey @AdamLPW @mike-ward @Dan1 what would you advise in this case?




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