Good-Bye Call Queue, Hello Task Queue

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Hello, my name is Abigael and I have been working in support since May 2016. While I support all areas of the HubSpot software, my specialty is HubSpot Sales and CRM. 


As you’re all aware, the task queue has replaced the call queue. While you can still make calls with the task queue, you now have the ability to organize all of your tasks (not just calls) and crank through them more efficiently.  


While the customization of the task queue makes it a powerful tool, I wanted to highlight a few use cases, including how you can use task queues to create a to-do list, update contact records, and make calls to your contacts. 


Scenario #1: The virtual to-do list


The night before a busy day, use your task queue to pull together a virtual to-do list complete with calls, emails, and other activities that need to be done. 


  • On the sales side of your account, navigate to Tasks.
  • Once on your main task screen, select Add a queue.    


  • Give your queue a name and hit Save.   

Now you’re ready to create tasks to add to your queue.  


  • Click Tasks again to return to the main task screen and hit Create a task.
  • In the window that appears, give your task a title and select a due date (such as tomorrow). You can also add a time. Click Add and Edit.
  • Your task sidebar will appear, ready for you to edit. This is where you can add task details and add it to your queue by selecting your newly created queue from the Queue dropdown.   


Create some more tasks and add them to your queue: phone calls, notes, and other activities that you need to accomplish for the next day. Once you’re done, hit Start queue.  


You now have everything you need to accomplish for the day all in one place. 


Scenario #2: The CRM maintenance queue


You can also use the task queue to keep your CRM records up-to-date.  


  • Create a custom view of your contacts using Last Activity Date (navigate to your contacts view and select Add filter). For example, you can use the filter Last Activity Date > is before > (select a date in the past).
  • Select the contacts in your view. Click the More dropdown > Create Tasks. 



In the window that appears, fill in the details and add it to your task queue. A separate task will be created for each contact record.   




Scenario #3: The call queue 


The call queue may be gone, but you can still create a call queue with a task queue. 


Create your queue and entitle it Call Queue. You can then add multiple contact records to the queue at once following the instructions above.


Or, just as you could do with the call queue tool, enroll a contact into your queue individually: 

  •  Navigate to the contact record.
  •  Hit the Create task tab.
  •  Fill in the task’s title and notes so you know exactly what you need to discuss on the call. Select the task type (Call) and the queue it needs to be added to (Call Queue). You can also select No reminder so you avoid a bunch of email reminders for a long list of contacts in your queue. When you’re done, hit Save Task.  


Once all your contacts are added to the queue, start the queue and call one record after the next, just as you would have done with the call queue.


While your call queue has left, your task queue is here to bring more efficiency to your day. I’d love to hear your use cases for the task queue.

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This is a super, super, super useful post - thank you for sharing @adonahue. I'm sure there are many out there, like myself, who are adjusting to the recent change from Call Queue to Task Queue. I'd love to hear from anyone else on the Community who is using Task Queues with their sales teams. 

@kcooper@Pablo what are your thoughts?

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Thank you @Anonymous ! 


This is a nice feature @adonahue. It would be nice if we could customize task types when we set up tasks.
Ex: business review,  order problem, etc


This is amazing and really help me to understand all of thing. Thanks

HubSpot Employee

@Digitalbulls So happy to hear that! Thank you.


Hi anymoe example of task queue use cases?


This seems to be no longer correct since the last system update. There is no Queue tab any longer. Queue's automatically are along the top navigation bar.  I can't figue out how to edie queue's. Can you help?