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Hi - I was wondering how I can send an email to a third party referral source following a form submission. I want to notifiy the referral source that the form has been submitted without notifiying the contact.

I don't want to add them to the notifications - as it will change each time. 


Thanks in advance for your assitance. 

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Hi @JodieHendo


Unfortunately, HubSpot doesn't (easily) auto-send email to non-HubSpot contacts. You'd need to add that 3rd-party referrer to HubSpot (as a contact) directly or have your developer do it via the API in conjunction with the form submission.


Otherwise, even if your 3rd-party referrer is already a HubSpot contact, HubSpot has no facility for associating contacts directly with other contacts, only companies. This means, while we may setup custom properties to identify who may have referred a contact to us, we have no way of (auto-)emailing those referrers based on their association with the referred contact.


HubSpot's sales enablement and marketing tools weren't designed to solve for this use case.


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