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Filtering a List based off IP address changing

Hi All, 

We are creating a protected page that can only be accessed by members of a list, Our users need to be verified to be on the list which we have made last for 3 months. However if this user trys to access the protected page from a different device we would like for them to re-verify. 

I know there are filters for IP country, city etc, but I am looking for if their IP address has changed they will be removed from the list

Is this possible? Are we complicating things too much? 

Thank you for your help 

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Key Advisor | Partner
Key Advisor | Partner

Filtering a List based off IP address changing

Hey @JRobertshaw7 "behavioural events" are generally stored in the "timeline" in HubSpot contact records. The best api to use to import these would be the timeline api:

This allows you to import timeline events into the HubSpot object records. Certain HS specific records (such as form submissions) are their own event types and can't be imported through the timeline api, for specific HubSpot events you would have to use that event type's api. For example you can create new form submissions from your external ones using the form submissions api here:

This would only be the case if you want to 1:1 match the event type to the HubSpot event type, it will create new form submissions within HubSpot for each one you submit. However, if you simply need to just see the event types within the HubSpot object record you can always create a custom event type (something like "legacy form submission" or "OLD SYSTEM form submission") if you wish to simply log on the timeline that there was a form submission on the old system on the object timeline! 

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