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Hi all, I'm a huge advocate of using Lead Status in the context of sales enablement, and since this is a common question we tend to get from customers, I wanted to jump in here and give some ideas for others. I'd also love to hear some of the other creative ways that others are using the Lead Status property. For many of our clients, we set up a series of automated workflows to set Lead Status automatically, which has proven to be extremely helpful for the sales team.


For example, Lead Status property values can be set to:

    • Brand-New Lead/Not Contacted by Sales (automated)
    • Open Opportunity/Deal (automated)
    • Attempted to Contact/No Reply (automated)
    • Connected/Replied/Spoke To (automated)
    • Unqualified (manual)
    • Nurture (manual)

Anything marked as automated above can be set using fairly simple workflows that look for things such as "Last contacted", which is the last time a chat conversation, call, sales email, or meeting was logged for the contact. By having a series of workflows that set Lead Status, it can provide the sales team dashboards or internal notifications that can give them areas of the database to focus on. When paired with Lifecycle Stage, it provides a deeper view into where that contact is in their journey.


For many sales teams, being able to quickly and efficiently identify what leads belong to who and where those leads are in their journey (e.g. have they been contacted yet by a member of the sales team) isn't always easy, so using a strategy like this can be a great foundational element of the internal process.


For the elements above that are marked as "manual", those are representative of areas where a member of the sales team can mark a contact as "Unqualified" if they don't see a path to becoming a customer, or they can mark as "Nurture" which can be a signal to the marketing team to include this contact in upcoming marketing campaigns.


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Thank you for sharing @Drew_Cohen !

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