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[Event] Scaling your CRM without complexity | 15th March 2022

Scaling Your CRM Without Complexity 


Wacth on-demand



Watch on-demand the Webinar Scaling Your CRM Without Complexity! 

Learn how our professional and enterprise customers from the UK switched from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM platform and expanded their flexibility to customise, create permissions, and architect their instance in a way that allows every team to thrive. 


  • The process of successfully switching from Salesforce to HubSpot
  • How these customers aligned marketing, sales and service teams with a single source of truth
  • How they unlocked more insights for their teams with HubSpot's reporting tools
  • How they increased data quality and CRM usage with a customisable, user-friendly and powerful platform
  • BONUS: After the panel, we will have a live Q&A to answer all your questions + a live demo of the HubSpot CRM platform!


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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

[Event] Scaling your CRM without complexity | 15th March 2022

For any of the questions that was unanswered live, you can find Caleb's answers to them below:


Can you embed forms and surveys within an email or will it direct a customer to a landing page?

  • For Forms, you can create embedded forms or links that can be sent through email
  • For Surveys, these can be distributed through emails as well


Regarding Service Hub, do you see customers use that for implementation as well as for storing customer tickets?

  • Yes, some customers will use the service pipeline to manage projects and implementations through stages


Can you create client-facing reports that can be viewed but not edited on Hubspot?

  • You can have any reports or dashboards emailed to any user inside of HubSpot. You can then forward those reports on to clients. Some HubSpot partners can implement Customer Membership logins with access to dashboards and reports as well.

Integrations are extra paid? Those are presented now.

  • This depends on the integration, some providers offer it at no cost and others will charge. This varies depending on the integration


Is it possible to track offline sales as well via HubSpot?

  • You can manually enter offline sales into HubSpot if you’d like


Talking to different people in different companies about CRM systems, the general impression for me seems to be "HubSpot is too limited". Based on this webinar, I have now the complete opposite view. Any idea why people might have this impression? Could it be based on earlier versions of HubSpot?

  • Not sure why people have this impression. Earlier versions of HubSpot could be a potential source of confusion or misconception.