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Hello Everyone,


I would like to create a system that will measure the revenue of my email automation operations among all other operations in the company.


In order to do that i'm plannig to create a control group (90%) and a test group (10%) and exclude the test group from all non marketial emails and then test the average MRR per user in each group and calculate MRR donation of emails.


For that matter I would love your advice on the following issues:

1. What is the best possible way to create homogenic groups with hubspot's workflows and list mechanics? my idea is to get each contact with creation date "known" to enter a workflow that will get him into his group according to his first email letter (closest to random i could think of)


2. For a cleaner and more reliable test, how would you suggest tending the test group? should I replace it each month? never?


3. How do you measure revenue of email automation in an orgnaization with self service and sales operations ?

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Hello @AviB_90 


Great way to start a conversation in our Community.


I will be tagging some of our top experts on this matter here, @ErinStudstill@StefaniUAT@DAnaGuiloff, would you like to add any suggestions into @AviB_90 question?


Thank you!



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Thanks for the response Pam!

I actually want to add another question to the above:

If you take into an account that I have different workflows all over my user journey, what will give a more accurate results - 

1. Testing a cohort group of users who signed up in the same day. 

2. Testing a Random group of users in different sorts of stages within my user journey.