Don’t be a disaster douchebag - Tips for marketers during disasters

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With all of the destruction going on in the US states of Florida, Texas, California, and the Northwest at this moment, I was going to sit down and write a disaster guide for marketers. Thankfully though, someone else already has. You can read it here; but I’ll also summarize some important points below:


Be human and show empathy - Your webinar/seminar/free trial will have to wait.


Expect radical changes in your buyer’s journey - Chances are good your prospects in the disaster zone won’t be thinking about you for months. Accept this fact and develop other plans.


Evaluate your customers’ resources - If your product needs to be delivered via FedEx, it may be a while.


DON’T use a HURRICANE promo code - JUST. DON’T.


DO check your active Adword campaigns, workflows, and scheduled emails - Ensure your are not sending or publishing time-sensitive messages that just don’t make sense right now (i.e. Florida golf vacation messages are probably not the best idea right now). 


Have a product or service people can use?  Figure out a way people can take advantage, and use your marketing tools and skills to get that message out (keep that message as simple as possible). If your product or service doesn’t help get lives back to normal, click pause on your campaigns and wait this one out.


You have tools

Your Hubspot portal provides several features that allow you to segment prospects and customers living within disaser zones. Use flitered views and smart lists to segment leads residing in the disaster zone, and remove them from workflows. Any scheduled social messages or emails can easily be paused or deleted until a more apporpriate time. 


If you’re a marketer sitting in milder climes today, take a few moments to review your current campaigns and adjust accordingly. Do this without fanfare, then monitor and re-evaluate over the next few days. 

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