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Domain Verification Implications


I recently took over a Hubspot instance and realized that when sending emails, any link to the company homepage first tries to load with the Hubspot page domain rather than the company domain. Once the Hubspot page domain doesn't load, the URL/domain actually used in the email build loads. The page loads fine, but this step does add latency.

I believe this is because only the hubspot domain is verified, and not the company domain. To add to this, the hubspot domain uses an old company domain. I was wondering, do I need to verify the company domain to avoid the issue above? Do I need to update the Hubspot domain to reflect the new company domain? Are there any risks of changing the DNS records to complete the verification?


Note, I have no interest of using Hubspot to edit or publish pages on the company domain as we are using Wordpress to do so.


Current domains

- Hubspot domain (verified):

- Company domain (not verified):


Thanks so much for your help! 



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Community Manager

Domain Verification Implications

Hello, @maroni thank you for providing all this information! Let's get this conversation started by adding out top experts to this conversation @rlopez@Ben_M any recommendations for @maroni?


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Domain Verification Implications

Thank you for your help @PamCotton, looking forward to hearing back from the team