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Do You Use any Couponing/Referrals within Hubspot? (Seeking Advice)

Howdy Everyone,


We're currently in the process of implementing a coupon based referral system. 


Currently we're thinking the following:

1. When deal closes, we generate a Unique SKU for that customer, which is added to our ERP system and emblazoned on a PDF Coupon.

2. That PDF Coupon can be loaded into Hubspot Documents and a unique link can be generated and embedded in an automated email from sales. 

3. We track all returns on the coupon using our ERP system.


My questions are as follows ( because I'm still learning how to use documents and some of the advanced features),

1. Is there a way to automate link generation based on the customer name or deal close? (Could this then be embedded in an auto email?)

2. Is there a way to use documents to generate a unique document for each customer?

(Currently it looks like you have to load up a fresh document each time)

3. Have you done anything like this within HS?



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Do You Use any Couponing/Referrals within Hubspot? (Seeking Advice)

Hey @RobWarren 


Welcome to the Community!


I'll tag a few thought leaders to this conversation to learn from them about this specific case. 


Hey @Josh @Drew_Cohen @willsmith  what would you recommend here?




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