Digital Sales Team Process Development. What's your process?


Hi all,


Recently I've been speaking with a number of clients who are looking to educate their sales teams as to how to drive more value from the CRM and channels such as LinkedIn (and tying this data back to the CRM).


I thought I'd share this recently blog post on the topic:


The post is, of course, specific to our business, but I thought it interesting to share my real world perspective.


I'm keen to hear about any challenges you have in developing a process for your sales teams, or if you have any really solid strategies that have delivered improved reporting (using the sales dashboards), lead prioritisation (and scoring), or other?

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HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for sharing @FesAskari_SIC 🙂

One of our resident HubSpo Sales experts here is @kcooper, I thought I'd loop her in to share her two cents. @kcooper, how are your team/business developed it's strategy?

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Hey @FesAskari_SIC thanks for sharing!

I'd be interested to know what you think should be factored when you are developing your buyer personas? Industry / Age / Interests? How specific should these personas be, or should they be more high level?




When it comes to persona development it's important to use real data and not just 'gut feel' for who makes up a good-fit lead.


Look at your existing customers that fit the profile a good lead (e.g. profitable, high LTV etc.) and then understand what information you can pull in about their company and contact profile. 


You can also use 3rd party data sources - search and social data - to help build out buyer behaviour and interest models.


Speak with your front line colleagues - sales, customer services/success and others - find out what your good fit customers really think.


Have a look at our blog post on this:


The more detail you have the better you can inform:

  1. Content topic hubs
  2. Content titles and chapters
  3. Content promotion channels
  4. Channel promotion messages

And more! Back up any gut feel with data as much as possible to ensure ROI and campaign success. 

HubSpot Employee

Hey @FesAskari_SIC, thanks for sharing your insight. These are some great ideas. 


Hey @FesAskari_SIC how's your team adjusting (if at all yet) to the new Task Queues feature setup in HubSpot? Has this changed your process at all?


Hi @rayckay91


Thanks for the question. Just about to eat my lunch so thought I'd respond whilst I have 5 mins!


Yes, we are loving tasks - this is working really when it comes to developing sequences for new leads and also for re-engaging existing contacts who revisit our site.


In fact, we have a new Sales Enablement process for early stage lead follow-up that is being driven by marketing - so that sales can spend more time on the selling activity, rather than the prospecting/lead response. We are working on our agency process so that we can deliver the optimal version to client teams.


This means sales tasks are actually split between the sales and marketing team to some degree (#Smarketing). I won't go into too much more detail here, but it's proving powerful if you have strong lead qualification criteria and not responding to every(!) lead that downloads your content.


Does that help?


Wow @FesAskari_SIC what a fast follow up - thank you!


Yes this certainly does help. I'm only just starting to explore the new tools. I read @adonahue's post on Task Queue best practices which had some great examples. But I"m always keen to here from other HubSpot customers/partners in addition to their own content. 


I couldn't agree more r.e. your appoing about lead qualification. This is where I'm starting to collaborate more and more with our marketers. 


@rayckay91 feel free to ping me on Linkedin if you want me info.