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Deals with multiple price components with free version

Hi there,

we have an enterprise marketing version but a free sales version. 

I managed to create a solution for what we want (without having the opportunity to add product lineitems since we use the free version for sales): calculate dealsize on fixed amount + x months * monthly amount. 


A sanity check if this is the right way I did it, or that a simpeler solution is available.


I added 2 properties: fixed amount (F) and montly amount (M).

Then I added a calculated property (great option...) : 'Calculated TCO' with a formula: F + 48*M. This value is automatically calculated 'allways'.  Reason why I did this via 'calculated TCO' is that I can't do similar calculations in workflows.
Then I created a workflow with as trigger 'Calculated TCO' exists. And important: the same condition must be selected for reregistering (i.e.: records will be selected again for this workflow afterwards) This will fire the workflow whenever the calculation is done. In the workflow I simply copy CalculatedTCO to the Hubspot standard Dealsize and it works in reports etc.


Any feedback is appreciated. 

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Recognized Expert | Elite Partner

Deals with multiple price components with free version

@MvanBruggen from what I can see, this makes sense. And if it's working each time and showing up in reports, I'd say nice work! I like seeing cool hacks in the real world. 


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Deals with multiple price components with free version

Hi @MvanBruggen,


Thanks for reaching out!


I wanted to invite our subject matter experts to this conversation.

Hi @danmoyle@AdamLPW@StjepanGrcic@Ben_M - Do you have any insight for @MvanBruggen?


Thank you!




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