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Background, we are a ferry boat operation with a group sales division.    All transactions with groups, after a certain time, deposits/monies paid are non-refundable, but can be used for future travel.  This is what I'm asking about.


We have the situation where a Deal is created and won, the deal is paid for (yippee) and is non-refundable.  BUT, before the people travel with us, for some reason they cancel.  Since the money is already in the bank and we're not giving it back.  How should the deal and pipeline account for this? 


Should the deal be moved to a "lost" stage in the pipeline or would it qualify as a still won deal and reclassified in the pipeline as a new step??


THEN....  Down the road, this group decides to travel at a later date and infact the monies that are on account may actually be broken up into multiple trips.  Sooo..  Should we then create new deals that are $0 deals, since there is no monies attributable to this/these deals?


Thoughts / ideas????




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Hi @KeyWestScott,


I can definitely see the trickiness there. If you are on free, you are only limited to one pipeline. However, if you are on Sales Pro or grandfathered into multiple pipelines, I would create a pipeline specific to those cancelled, but still redeemable funds. You can move deals between pipelines.


If you're on free with only one pipeline, I don't think there's a "right" answer, just a matter of preference and making sure that everyone follows that same regiment. You may want to consider having an extra deal stage specific for those travelers in which you move that deal to.


Hope that helps!

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Thanks Josh. We can create multiple pipelines.  So if we moved the deal to the new pipeline, what would happen to the monies attributed to the original one?  The money was earned in the original deal and not any subsequent ones.