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Deal Owner Notification if Deal is Open

For my current company use case we create deals through workflow automation if form is filled out by the contact. Say if contacts deal is already open and associated contact again fills out the form, in this case contact will be enrolled in workflow and create another deal. However I want here if deal is open then it should send deal owner notification that associated contact has done any activity. 


In short the deal should be only opened for the contact if there is no existing deal open for the contact. Is there any way to do this?


Our association are Deal can be associated with single contact whereas contact can be associated with multiple deals. 


Also, it is not same that contact owner and deal owner is same for our use case. Can anyone provide suggestions on this. 



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Deal Owner Notification if Deal is Open


To prevent duplicate deal creation for the same contact in workflow automation,

You can use the "
Create a task" action in a workflow to send a notification to the deal owner if the contact has done any activity.

This will help in ensuring that the deal owner is notified of any relevant activities by the contact.