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Deal Funnel Stage Dependencies

Hi! In order to have the most acurate funnel conversion report, I'm trying to find a way to have previous deal stages as requirements for moving a deal further down the funnel.


For example - I don't want a rep to be able to move a deal from Stage 2 --> Stage 4 directly, it must first be moved to Stage 3, then stage 4. 


I've played around with the required fields in deal settings, but requiring "entered deal stage x" activity does not seem to do anything. 


Anyone have any thoughts?



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Guide | Diamond Partner

Deal Funnel Stage Dependencies

Hey @Devitt , 


This is a concern for many Businesses like yours.

But unfortunately this is currently not possible to mandate the deals to move through each and every deal stage. 


I will request you to post in idea in the ideas section of the HubSpot community. Maybe it can be a feature in some time.