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Hello Community,


I'm building out a new BDR program, and simultaneously using HubSpot for the first time.


Question - Does HubSpot allow admins to configure/customize the 'Call Outcome' field that is built into the native dialer. The list of call outcomes (out of the box) is rather limited from a reporting perspective, and I am curious to know if anyone has: updated call outcome options for deeper reporting, or added custom (required) fields to be used by AEs & BDRs after the call. Tracking call sentiment in addition to call outcome would be extremely helpful.


Example 1: Call Outcome = Contacted Target...Call Sentiment = Expressed Interest.

Example 2: Call Outcome = Spoke to Gate Keeper...Call Sentiment = Sent to Voicemail



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Hi @fcooper,


 Please see this thread. The idea has been submitted, but there is no timetable for incorporating it.


As a workaround, if you've got access to workflows, you can create a workflow based on the call outcome that changes or copies over to an alternative property. The problem would be, your reps would need to know your correlation to the end property, as you described above.


Another workaround is to have an additional contact property with more defined call outcomes. It wouldn't show up in the call window, but could still be visible on the record. It wouldn't automatically associate that specific outcome with a specific would likely have to reflect the latest outreach attempt.


I hope that helps!



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