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Creating a workflow that PERPETUALLY updates ALL associated deals


We use Zapier to push 4 deal properties from Hubspot to Zendesk Support. Zapier can only use deal information, not contact information, so I created a workflow to copy 4 fields from the contact's contact properties over to their deal properties. 


At first, I set the enrollment trigger to something along the lines of contact ID is known and deal stage is known. This worked for situations with 1 deal, but the workflow would not play again if additional deals were created for that contact (eg, if the first deal was lost, the workflow would not run for the second deal). 


I then tried creating one that focused only on:

contact ID = known 

Specific field to copy (eg first name) = known

date last modified = known


If I update the first name that will now push to all active deals. But if I create a deal after the contact is already created (most cases) that info won't push to the deal properties. 


Is there a selection of triggers I can select that will enable info to be copied from "contact properties" to "deal properties" in a perpetual manner that will capture updates to the contact fields after the deal is created, and also repeat the workflow for any additional associated deals? 


Thank you! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Creating a workflow that PERPETUALLY updates ALL associated deals

Hello @AlKo, great question! I would like to invite @Bruno_Teixeira @Dan1 @Edyta7510 our top experts to share any recommendations.


Thank you,





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