Creating a drop down in Product properties that filters based on a Company property


Hi all.


I'm looking for a way to create a drop down property in Products that contains a list of companies that have a certain property selected as true. So for example:


1. I open a deal and go to add line items

2. I select a product to add

3. In the fields with pricing, quantity, etc. I want a drop down to select from a list of companies that are populated in the drop down based on a yes/no selection from the Company records. 


Is this possible in Hubspot? 

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Community Manager

Thank you for your post @derek4 !


You are referring to this page, is that correct?



We can add both default and custom Product properties into the column, so if you have a drop-down property with company options, you can add it in the column of this page. However, this drop-down property cannot reflect the yes/no selection from the Company records.


I hope this clarifies.