Create new leads into SalesForce even if contact exists

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Hello everyone,
I'm contacting you today because I have a problem that the HubSpot support can't resolve.
We would like to create leads in Salesforce automatically when a person fills one of our forms.
The problem here is that some of these people are already created as contacts in the database.
We're trying to avoid creating duplicates, but just launch our sales process for these contacts without having to do it manually.
P S: Our Salesforce organisation is very customized for our business processes. 
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Hi, @Kelvine. You're describing a use case that's not very compatible with the connector. As email ends up being the unique identifier between the HubSpot contact and the Salesforce lead or contact, any subsequent activity on a HubSpot contact will continue writing to whatever Salesforce record it's syncing to.


The only way to solve for this is with automation in Salesforce, either declarative or code. You'll want it to fire on a task create, look for duplicate tasks on the lead or contact, then create a new lead when that happens. (If you attempt this, leave the default email field blank on the duplicate record. Otherwise, all you'll do is change the association to the duplicate lead.)


Unfortunately, this isn't a quick setup, but it could be done. Apex is likely more robust than Flow amd Process Builder.

Brad Mampe, Salesforce Analyst, Fidelity
I'm probably wrong. I may not be right about that.