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Counting Reconversions + Lifecycle Stage best practices

i have a few questions regarding lifecycle stage best practices and counting reconversions:


1. It is recommended to update the date of lifecycle stage. Also there is no way to update the "became a lead date" if it has moved to SQL for exxample without resetting the lifecycle stage and then running a workflow to make it 'lead" again. The question is shouldn't lifecycle stage dates be kept for true reference of when the lead changed from MQL to SQL, or SQL to opportunity.


If we remove lifecycle stage dates and repaste it using workflow, aren't we skewing reporting data?


Secondly, what are some of the ways you handle reconversions - meaing lead comes as paid FB lead, but next month comes back as organic. 


My recommendation to this client is to create a general ledger (google sheet) of the true count as a backup - beacuse the google sheet can give how many leads came in (whereas for Hubspot - became a lead date should only be updated for new leads, or at least old leads who are sitting in lead stage and has not advanced, or whatever rule you may set).

just looking for best practices on how you guys do it for yourselves or your clients - 


because if I want to calculate cost per lead - i need to know total number of leads that came (reconversions + conversions) - that's why a google sheet is helpful for backup as I am fidning it hard to get this data on Hubspot, not to mention the limitations with their Ads suite.

Any help or recommendation is appreciated. 

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Counting Reconversions + Lifecycle Stage best practices

Hi @rahul_inbound, this is Grant,


1. Problem: Tracking contacts through Lifecycle Stages.


Solution: Create a Lifecycle Stage Cycle property.


I recommend you create a new property, title it Lifecycle Stage Cycle, and during recycling back to lead, add one (1) to this value. Set this value by default to zero (0). Then over time, as the contact recycles back to lead, you can track how many times the contact has gone through this evolution. From there you can build in new training with your staff, and what is preserved is all of the built-in functionality of the current lifecycle stages within HubSpot. As you mentioned, the became a lead date and so forth will pertain to the existing lifecycle stage cycle only (the most recent movements). 


Solution +1: As far as the historical data of movement between stages, I recommend you add a second property to report on later titled Lifecycle Stage Recycle Date. In your recycle workflow you'll kick out the date of the recycle to know when the previous cycle ended and the current cycle began. Then you have the option to customize your funnel reports.



2. Problem: Tracking conversion sources over time.


Solution: Combination of default contact properties.


Start by digesting these default contact properties:

Second, come up with your process you'd like to track against. Then finally, map these properties to the process touchpoints. Building reports based on the information you want to know allows you to event Analyze Custom Behavioral Events, make sure you're selecting all the interaction types you want to track.


Hope this helps!




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Counting Reconversions + Lifecycle Stage best practices

Hi @rahul_inbound 


Thank you for reaching out! 


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @karstenkoehler @GrantCarlile @Mike_Eastwood what are some thoughts you could share with @rahul_inbound about this? 


Thank you!



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